Largest Moving Companies Near Me
Largest Moving Companies Near Me

Largest Moving Companies Near Me

Largest Moving Companies Near Me

Largest moving companies near me range over 5,000 moving companies, large, medium and small operate in the US today. Besides staff, these companies maintain thousands of branded trucks, trailers and vans.

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Number of Moving Trucks

The size of a moving company is generally determined by the number of agents and fleet of vehicles they have, along with the type of job they perform. The largest moving franchises in the US today are the Starving Students, College Hunks Moving and Two Men and a Truck. These highly successful franchises have invested a lot of resources to play in the big league.

Their strength is all evident in the solid work ethics espoused through strong people skills, hard work affinity and ability to learn from others through system orientation and coachability. Successful moving franchises are also risk averse, meaning the companies can only take small or controllable risks.

Largest Moving Companies Near Me

Since there are many moving company’s operating in a highly competitive market, the process of choosing an ideal mover can be very difficult. When performing your searches, it is important to check the company’s physical address, active license and service records.

You can confirm the mover’s physical address via the company website or gloss over the phone book. The most critical service records are those that concern the company reputation and qualifications with standard organizations like the Better Business Bureau and American Moving and Storage Association.

Moving companies are also required to have an active operation authority and insurance. Once you’ve settled on the mover, be sure to describe your belongings and find out if the valuation options are available. Here is a detailed look at the three largest moving franchises in the US:

Starving Students Mover

Starving Students Mover was established in 1973 by two high school graduates. From the humble beginnings, the company has emerged as one of the largest local and long distance moving companies in the US. Its operating principle is based on providing service convenience, ensuring peace of mind, industry expertise and competitive and affordable pricing.

The service convenience strategy is designed to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. Service begins from packing items into portable storage units to delivering them to the marked location. The company staff members are trained to undertake all kinds of moving operations using the right set of tools needed to disassemble, reassemble and transfer all kinds of home and office items.

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The friendly moving specialist and support staff operate around the clock, 7 days a week. To ensure peace of mind, Starving Students Mover offers a number of incentives, including valuation protection, full worker’s compensation and liability insurance. The company is also a member of the strict ProMover Program championed by the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). For information and clarity purposes, Starving Students readily provides free rate quote and other important information via instant messaging, email and live calls. The company’s operations are spread across 33 different locations in 9 states from east to western US. The main offices are located in South Carolina.

Two Men and a Truck

The Lansing, Michigan based company traces its origins to two high school students who had the conviction to succeed against all odds. It all started with a hand-written logo, advertisement in a local newspaper and 30 years later, the company has grown into a respected domestic and international logistics entity.

The company boasts a referral rate of 96%, over 90 straight months of steady growth and more than 350 service locations all across the US and the world. The company’s core values are grounded on the foundations of integrity, inclusion, care and giving back to the community. The care aspect concerns; being sensitive to the needs of the family, coworkers, customers and the larger community. The firm’s mission is sculpted from the Grandma rule, which encourages high value service and ensuring customer satisfaction.

The customized relocation services provided by the firm include; Local Moving, Value Flex, Packing, Boxes and Supplies and Storage services. The stress free home moving service is specially crafted to handle moves of all sizes, from retirement community moves and single family home moves to apartment and dormitory moves.

The long distant move covers interstate transfers and is abridged as Value Flex and Expedite Long Distance service. The Value Flex service comes with incredible savings even though the timelines are longer. Under the Expedite service, the staff members tasked with transporting items are also the one’s tasked with unloading the client’s belongings to the new location. As part of the company’s corporate responsibility, the firm donates over $3 million annually in moving services.

College Hunks Moving

This Tampa, Florida based firm is a fully licensed and insured moving company. The College Hunks service guarantee is premised on ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. This is all thanks to a team of highly trained professional movers committed to providing affordable, first class service.

The services offered by the company include Junk Removal, Labor Services, Moving and Donation Pickup. The College Hunks residential and commercial moving services cover the local area and long distance moves.

The moving labor and hourly labor service on its part, covers home and office movements. Clients who choose this hassle free service can set back and watch the staff do everything, from loading and uploading to packing and unpacking.

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The service is guaranteed to save client’s valuable time and money. The junk removal and recycling service is one of the cornerstones of the company. The service involves eco-friendly clean up service, where all hazardous items at home, workspace or office are removed, then recycled and donated to keep your space clean and clutter free.

College Hunks operates in over 30 states in the US, including Texas, Florida, New York and California. The full service moving pricing is conveniently subdivided into the truck and travel fee and the hourly rate. The former is an industrial standard charge that covers time and gas required by the truck to move from point A to B while the latter covers the amount of time it takes for the company professionals to accomplish a task.