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House movers near me, Normally, big coastal states get the spotlight on matters relating to the movement of new people. However, this has changed over time, as the states most people are moving to are in Pacific West and the Midwest according to a recent survey.

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The survey indicated that most people are moving to the states that are predominantly Midwestern or those that are commonly referred to as mountain states. The report shows that South Dakota is the leading state, where 65 % of all those that requested to move suggested the state to be their destination.

House Movers Near Me

The study ranked states according to the proportion of people moving in against those that were moving out. In addition to this, the study looked into the number of households moved, and the reason for moving. The most popular reasons for moving included job changes or retirement, preferable living conditions, and family issues.
In order of popularity, these are top moving destinations 2021.

South Dakota

This is the first time that the state has been ranked top of this list. The majority of those who were interviewed said that they moved to South Dakota because of its low cost of living. The many natural resources in this state make life easier. In addition to this, the people are friendly and live like one big family. Others claimed that the state has the best environment for conducting business due to a large number of tourists that visit the area.


Most people that moved to this state claimed that the reason they decided to land there was to be reconnected with their families. Others said that they liked how the place is cool. The other group was attracted by the cultural nature of the people living in this state. Vermont has the best markets for farm produce. Many people who like fresh products from farms prefer to live in or near this state.


Oregon has for several years topped the list of the most popular moving destination. The state is one of the best places for outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and fishing. Most of the people who moved here said that they were attracted by the clean air and green natural vegetation. Residents are friendly, and the place is not crowded. The state has a well-shaped coast, regarded by many as the main attraction.


The affordable life in the state attracts many people. In addition to this, families that like recreational activities have found Idaho to be their place. There are numerous hiking sites, biking trails, ski hills and mountains, and rivers. The state has one of the lowest crime rates in the country, meaning that it is a safe place to raise a family.

South Carolina

The warm weather in this state attracts many. The cost of living is low, meaning that the majority of the population can afford to live a decent life. The natural beauty and the beach also attract new comers. The above mentioned states appeared in the top 5 of the list of top moving destinations 2021 as per the survey conducted recently. Work related reasons made people move, but other attractions, such as security, family, living standards, and natural features played a major role.